Memory architecture

C.H. Berkel, van (Inventor)

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A memory architecture is presented. The memory architecture comprises a first memory and a second memory. The first memory has at least a bank with a first width addressable by a single address. The second memory has a plurality of banks of a second width, said banks being addressable by components of an address vector. The second width is at most half of the first width. The first memory and the second memory are coupled selectively and said first memory and second memory are addressable by an address space. The invention further provides a method for transposing a matrix using the memory architecture comprising following steps. In the first step the matrix elements are moved from the first memory to the second memory. In the second step a set of elements arranged along a warped diagonal of the matrix is loaded into a register. In the fourth step the set of elements stored in the register are rotated until the element originating from the first row of the matrix is in a first location of the register. In the fifth step the rotated set of elements are stored in the second memory to obtain a transposed warped diagonal. The second to fifth steps are repeated with the subsequent warp diagonals until matrix transposition is complete.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8135897
Publication statusPublished - 13 Mar 2012


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