Member States’ engagement in space and security in the framework of European space policy

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This chapter is divided into two parts: priorities and trends in space and security strategies, and space and security governance and programmes. It does not only considers strategy and policy elements, governance and programmes at the national level, but also addresses activities in the frame of the European Space Agency (ESA), EU and NATO. It provides a holistic overview of space and security and addresses the links and commonalities between national policies and European space and security policy developments. ESA is an International Organisation with 22 Member States with its mandate enshrined in the ESA Convention. The chapter concludes that, in terms of discourse theory, both antagonism to defence involvement as well as political antagonism drive the evolution of European space policy, governance and programmes. France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom (UK), Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Austria, Poland, Luxembourg and Greece are currently members to all four organisations (ESA, EU, EDA and NATO).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuropean Integration and Space Policy
Subtitle of host publicationA Growing Security Discourse
EditorsThomas Hoerber, Antonella Forganni
Place of PublicationLondon
PublisherRoutledge Taylor & Francis Group
ISBN (Electronic)9780429328718
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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