Mathematik Didaktik (teaching-learning mathematics) : an overview of the development of a web-based European module

B. Hudson, S. Ongstad, H.J. Braathe, B. Pepin

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    This paper outlines the development of the chapter (module) Mathematik Didaktik as a part of the electronic ‘text book’ Didaktik/Fachdidaktik developed by TNTEE Subnetwork E. The overall approach to the development of the module is based on a model of teaching-learning as an ‘integrative transformative science’ that pays due attention to the general aims of society as well as curricula, content and learning situations. As part of this perspective, teacher competence is broadly conceptualized in terms of "professional action structures" in contrast with the narrow emphasis on technical competence and on mechanistic conceptions of a ‘technology of teaching’ that currently prevail in some parts of Europe. The teaching-learning approach is based on problem-oriented, research-oriented and co-operative learning processes. Underpinning the development are particular ideas about the nature of mathematics itself. In particular the starting point for the development is around ‘big ideas’ in mathematics – in contrast to the fragmentation that is evident in the thinking of some policy makers at this time.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationDidaktik/Fachdidaktik as science(-s) of the teaching profession?
    EditorsB. Hudson, F. Buchberger, P. Kansanen
    Place of PublicationUmea
    PublisherTNTEE Publications
    Number of pages13
    Publication statusPublished - 1999

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    NameTNTEE Publications


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