Luisteren naar impulsreeksen met ongelijke intervallen

B.L. Cardozo

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    The borderland between perfectly periodic and aperiodic sounds is explored, using trains of sharp pulses as a test signal. Jitter £ .e. the r. m. s. deviation from the average interval proves to be a meaningful measure of the imperfection of periodicity. It is argued, that many sources of (musical) sound are imperfectly periodic.Measurements of jitter in a bowed string are presented.Limits for the perception of pitch and imperfect periodicity are discussed in terms of relative jitter,without going into the details of actual psychoacoustical experiments. Finally,an experiment is described showing that the hearing system is able to perceive jitter, without having acces to the components of the sound spectrum.
    Original languageDutch
    Title of host publicationNajaarsvergadering 1968 : voordrachten over diverse akoestische onderwerpen, gehouden op 7 en 8 november 1968 te Delft
    Place of PublicationDelft
    PublisherNederlands Akoestisch Genootschap
    Publication statusPublished - 1969

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    NamePublikatie Nederlands Akoestisch Genootschap

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