Lagrangian statistics of particles in rotating turbulent convection

H. J.H. Clercx, P. Perlekar, L. Del Castello, F. Toschi

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The effect of background rotation on the dispersion of (inertial) particles in confined forced rotating turbulence and in turbulent rotating convection has been studied and compared where possible. We choose the coordinate system such that both the rotation vector and gravity is parallel to the vertical axis. With 3D Particle Tracking Velocimetry experiments we have quantified statistically the effect of system rotation on the PDFs and autocorrelations of velocities and accelerations of (passive) fluid particles in rotating turbulence. Subsequently we have extended this study by exploring the effect of system rotation and buoyancy on the dispersion of passive and inertial particles in rotating thermally driven turbulence between two horizontal flat plates. The PDFs of horizontal and vertical accelerations of passive particles in turbulent rotating convection show similar behaviour as found in the laboratory experiments in isothermal forced rotating turbulence. When the particles have inertia it is observed that the particles tend to collect in anticyclonic regions of the flow eventually resulting in depletion of particles in the bulk of the flow (and accumulating near the top and bottom wall).

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Event14th European Turbulence Conference, ETC 2013 - Lyon, France
Duration: 1 Sept 20134 Sept 2013


Conference14th European Turbulence Conference, ETC 2013


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