Kleine-Levin-syndroom : meer dan periodieke hypersomnie

Translated title of the contribution: Kleine Levin Syndrome: more than just periodic hypersomnia

S. Pillen, N.L.E. Vandenbussche, R. Fronczek, J. van Duijn, G.J. Lammers, S. Overeem

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BACKGROUND: Kleine Levin Syndrome (KLS) is a rare disease with periodic hypersomnia as its main feature. Hyperphagia and hypersexuality are also described as classical symptoms, although quite recently it has become clear that the full triad is absent in the majority of patients.

CASE DESCRIPTION: A 14-year-old boy developed KLS after a period of flu-like symptoms. Over the course of three years he suffered from seven one-week episodes of extreme hypersomnia (sleeping 18 hours a day), depersonalisation, apathy, anxiety, paranoia, confusion, hallucinations and uninhibited sexual behaviour. He ate little. Ancillary investigations did not reveal any abnormalities. In between these episodes he had no symptoms.

CONCLUSION: From this case description and a summary of the symptoms of twelve other patients with KLS, it appears that neuropsychiatric symptoms are much more prominent than hyperphagia and hypersexuality. It is important that the typical KLS phenotype be reappraised, so that the condition can be recognised early and patients managed appropriately.

Translated title of the contributionKleine Levin Syndrome: more than just periodic hypersomnia
Original languageDutch
Article numberD238
Number of pages4
JournalNederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Issue number37
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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