Interactive kinetic façade: improving visual comfort based on dynamic daylight and occupant's positions by 2D and 3D shape changes

Morteza Hosseini (Corresponding author), Masi Mohammadi, O. Guerra-Santin

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Applying active occupant engagement into a responsive façade concept leads us to a transition from the façade regulatory function to the interactive phase. The Interactive facade has the capacity for hierarchically filtering daylight and real-time control, and preventing daylight discomfort. This research applied the combination of qualitative and quantitative methods for studying innovative daylight guide systems functions, relation with building forms and development of kinetic façade forms as advanced real-time daylight control. Literature referred to the responsive modular elements which can be adapted to dynamic daylight by continuously changing façade configurations. In particular, parametric decentralized façade's apertures interact with sun radiation based on relationship between external environment, interior space and occupant position as well. In this study, we develop a kinetic interactive façade with the capability to be transformed based on dynamic daylight and occupant position (functional scenario based) in order to meet visual comfort. Also, daylight parametric simulation investigates visual comfort performance provided by the kinetic façade forms through climate based daylight metrics. The simulation results prove high performance of the kinetic interactive facades for improving visual comfort regarding the base case. In particular, the three dimensional shape changes façade provides more visual comfort improvement than the two dimensional shape changes one regarding UDI, Exceed UDI and DGP metrics. Also, the results refer to multifunctional aspects of the three dimensional shape changes façade, as an advanced interactive daylighting system, which has a capability to control solar radiation in the facade ambient environment for preventing thermal discomfort.
Original languageEnglish
Article number106396
Number of pages17
JournalBuilding and Environment
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2019


  • Kinetic façade, Interactive component, Advanced lighting control, Visual comfort, Dynamic daylight and occupant's position
  • Advanced lighting control
  • Visual comfort
  • Kinetic façade
  • Interactive component
  • Dynamic daylight and occupant's positions
  • Kinetic facade


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