Integration of EPC-related tools with ProM

Paul Barborka, Lukas Helm, Georg K̈oldorfer, Jan Mendling, Gustaf Neumann, Boudewijn van Dongen, Eric Verbeek, Wil van der Aalst

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The heterogeneity of different formats for EPCs is a major problem for model interchange between specialized tools in practice. In this paper, we compare three different formats for storing EPCs, in particular, the proprietary formats of Microsoft Visio and ARIS Toolset as well as the tool-independent EPML format. Furthermore, we introduce the ProM framework and show using the case of a sales process model expressed in terms of an EPC that ProM is able to serve as a mediator between these formats. Beyond that, we demonstrate that the ProM framework can be used for the analysis of EPCs and to translate EPCs into YAWL models for execution or for further analysis.


Conference5th Workshop of the German Informatics Society (GI) and Meeting of its Working Group "Business Process Management with Event-driven Process Chains (WI-EPK)" on Business Process Management with Event-driven Process Chains, EPK 2006


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