Injection techniques in gas chromatography

C.A. Cramers

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The influence of injection on the resoln. of 2 peaks is discussed. Examples of entrance vols. (sample + carrier gas) are tubulated for capillary, packed, and preparative columns under conditions such that the adverse effect of injection on resoln. is ?10%. The entrance vols. vary from 0.003 cc. for a capillary column 2 m. long and 0.1 mm. in diam. to 1100 cc. for a preparative column 4 m. long and 30 mm. in diam. For capillary columns and short anal. times the \"hammer injection\" technique by Desty is used. The temp. of the injection system should be higher than the b.p. of the sample components. The effect of injection vol. on retention time in qual. anal. is discussed briefly in terms of linear and nonlinear partition isotherms. With injection of small samples at sufficiently high temps. the relative deviations with capillary columns are not greater than with packed columns provided that so-called \"sample splitting\" technique is used in order to inject mg. samples. [on SciFinder (R)]
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationPap. Wilkens Gas Chromatogr. Symp 3rd
Publication statusPublished - 1965


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