Influence of additive composition on microstructure of sialons

G.Z. Cao, R. Metselaar, G. Ziegler

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The relationship between composition and microstructure of a'-sialons was studied. The typical microstructure of a' -sialon ceramics consists of a crystalline phase of sialons and a small fraction of amorphous phase at grain boundaries. The addition of La2O3 to the starting mixtures promotes the incorporation of yttrium ions into the crystal lattice and also results in the formation of many crystal defects in the a' grains. This result suggests that a small amount of La3+ ions, together with yttrium cations, can enter the lattice of a' -sialons.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationEuro-Ceramics 2 : Proceedings of the 2nd European Ceramic Society Conference, 11-14 sep. 1991, Augsburg
EditorsG. Ziegler, H. Hausner
Place of PublicationAugsburg
PublisherDeutsche Keramische Gesellschaft
ISBN (Print)3-925543-11-2
Publication statusPublished - 1991

Publication series

NameEuro-Ceramics II


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