Improved personalized comfort : a necessity for a smart Building

W. Zeiler, G. Boxem, D.R. Vissers

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The reasons for the inferior performance of many of the current buildings and their related energy systems are diverse and for a major part caused by insufficient attention to the influence of occupant behaviour. In Smart buildings it is necessary to implement new opportunities to integrate human behaviour in the Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditiong process control loop. To realize this strategy we developed an advanced control setup, based on the combination of ubiquitous low cost wireless sensors. The article describes the proof of the principle to take the perceived thermal comfort as leading principles in the comfort/energy process control. The experiments described illustrate the feasibility of the approach.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustainability in Energy and Buildings : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB´12)
EditorsA. Hakansson, M. Höjer, R.J. Howlett, L.C. Jain
Place of PublicationBerlin
Number of pages11
ISBN (Print)978-3-642-36645-1
Publication statusPublished - 2012

Publication series

NameSmart Innovation, Systems and Technologies
ISSN (Print)2190-3018


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