III-V-on-silicon multi-frequency lasers

S. Keyvaninia, S. Verstuyft, S. Pathak, F. Lelarge, G.-H. Duan, D. Bordel, J.M. Fedeli, T. Vries, de, E. Smalbrugge, E.J. Geluk, J. Bolk, M.K. Smit, G.C. Roelkens, D. Thourhout, Van

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Compact multi-frequency lasers are realized by combining III-V based optical amplifiers with silicon waveguide optical demultiplexers using a heterogeneous integration process based on adhesive wafer bonding. Both devices using arrayed waveguide grating routers as well as devices using ring resonators as the demultiplexer showed lasing with threshold currents between 30 and 40 mA and output powers in the order of a few mW. Laser operation up to 60°C is demonstrated. The small bending radius allowable for the silicon waveguides results in a short cavity length, ensuring stable lasing in a single longitudinal mode, even with relaxed values for the intra-cavity filter bandwidths.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13675-13683
Number of pages9
JournalOptics Express
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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