Hypercube percolation

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We study bond percolation on the Hamming hypercube {0,1}^m around the critical probability p_c. It is known that if p=p_c(1+O(2^{-m/3})), then with high probability the largest connected component C_1 is of size Theta(2^{2m/3}) and that this quantity is non-concentrated. Here we show that for any sequence eps_m such that eps_m=o(1) but eps_m >> 2^{-m/3} percolation on the hypercube at p_c(1+eps_m) has |C_1| = (2+o(1)) eps_m 2^m and |C_2| = o(eps_m 2^m) with high probability, where C_2 is the second largest component. This resolves a conjecture of Borgs, Chayes, the first author, Slade and Spencer [17].
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Publication statusPublished - 2013

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