Human dimension in intelligent living environment

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    Due to the rapid aging of the Dutch population and aging-in- place policies, an increasing demand for suitable dwellings focused on the human dimension of construction is to beexpected. This global issue of aging in place is a wakeup call for us architects to move towards constructions that empower this active aging. A significant contribution can be provided by "Domotics"; which is defined as the advanced technological equipments and services in the domesticenvironment to sustain and to enhance the quality of aging in place as well as empowerment of the senior citizen (in dailylife).This paper, is based on literature review, qualitative and quantitative studies i) it seeks to inform the development of domotics technology in the living environment of the older adults; ii) it provides an overview of the multiplicity of needsand attitudes of the older citizens in regards to smart technology in the domestic environment; iii) and developsrecommendations to incorporate domotics in the architecturalstructure of the dwelling keeping the Human factor in mind.This study on senior citizens¿ needs and attitudes toward domotics is based upon a triangulation of cohort-groupdiscussions, enabling techniques and in-depth interviews followed by a postal questionnaire survey.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationPresentation at the International conference Human Dimension in the Development of Eco-Housing and Human Settlement, 18-10-2011
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


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