High colour purity single-phased full colour emitting white LED phosphor Sr2V2O7:Eu3+

Z. Zhou, Nanfang Wang, N. Zhou, Zhangxing He, Suqin Liu, Younian Liu, Ziwei Tian, Zhiyong Mao, H. T. Hintzen

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Single-phased white-light-emitting phosphor Sr2V 2O7:Eu3+ was successfully synthesized by the solid-state method. The result of x-ray diffraction analysis indicated that the obtained phosphor has the same crystal structure as that of Sr2V 2O7. The synthesized Sr2V2O 7:Eu3+ was combined with near-UV light (365nm) chips and then assembled into ligtht-emitting diodes (LED) devices, which generated white light with colour coordinates of (0.324, 0.317). The white light was generated from yellow-green and red emissions, which should be attributed to the host Sr2V2O7 and dopant Eu ions, respectively. The effects of the concentration of Eu ions and charge compensation on the emission intensity were carefully investigated. The results show that the energy migrates from the host to the dopant and also that Li2CO3 should be the best charge compensator for this single-phased phosphor. In addition, the colour rendering index and luminescence efficiency of the fabricated LED devices with Sr1.90V2Sr2V2O7O7Sr2V 2O7:0.10Eu3+ phosphor were 91 and 32lmW -1, respectively, suggesting that Sr1.90Sr2V 2O7V2Sr2V2O 7O7Sr2V2O7:0.10Eu3+ phosphor is a potential candidate for the phosphor-converted white-light-emitting diodes with near-UV chips.

Original languageEnglish
Article number035104
JournalJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 23 Jan 2013


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