Heterodyne laser interferometry using a single polarisation-preserving optical fibre

B.A.W.H. Knarren, H. Haitjema, P.H.J. Schellekens

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In displacement interferometry, beam delivery by optical fibres is an important issue as this enables to keep the laser source, which acts as a heating source, away from the path in which a displacement needs to be measured. A complication is the polarisation state of the laser beam, which needs to remain undisturbed as much as possible. We use a set-up in which a single polarisation-preserving fibre is used for both polarization directions which are used in heterodyne interferometry. To correct for strain- and temperature effects, a reference phase measurement is made after the fibre. Various types of polarisation-preserving fibres have been measured with regard to their polarisation-preserving properties. It is shown that with a good quality optical fibre and with proper alignment and phase-compensation methods, the remaining periodic non-linearities in a displacement measurement can be within a few nm.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings EUSPEN international topical conference on precision engineering, micro technology, measurement techniques and equipement : May 19-20, 2003, Aachen, Germany. Vol. 2
EditorsM. Weck, H. Kunzmann
Place of PublicationGermany, Aachen
Publication statusPublished - 2003


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