Guest editorial : World Heritage cities management

A.R. Pereira Roders, R. Oers, van

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Purpose – This article aims to introduce the special issue of the journal Facilities on "World Heritage cities management", together with the respective articles. Design/methodology/approach – This introduction addresses the topic of world Heritage cities management and its relevance to science and society. In so doing, it indirectly points to the emerging field of cultural heritage management within facilities management. Findings – Even though the management of cultural heritage assets is nothing new for facilities managers, cultural heritage management as a field of research can be considered at a younger stage of development than other related studies, such as the discipline of architectural conservation, which originated in the nineteenth century with the advent of modernity. The application of management practices to immovable cultural heritage assets emerged as recently as the 1990s. At a time in which the role of culture and heritage in processes of sustainable development is gaining more ground, this special issue can be seen as the first of more contributions to come, which aim to enhance the conservation and management of cultural heritage assets for the benefit of present and future generations. Originality/value – This paper aims to make a contribution to the growing field of cultural heritage management and is of use to facilities managers, scholars and consultants who have responsibilities but limited knowledge in this field. Keywords Heritage, Sustainable development, Urban areas, Culture Paper type Research paper
Original languageEnglish
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Issue number7/8
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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