Gas purification process

G. Boxhoorn (Inventor), J. Kuyper (Inventor), J. Moolhuysen (Inventor), R.A. Santen, van (Inventor), Shell International Research (NL) (Inventor)

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Process for purifying alkane-containing feed streams by contacting them with one or more metal complexes with intra-crystalline channels according to the general formula: Ma [MXbLc]d (OH)e wherein M represents at least one metal from Group 1b, 2a, 2b, 4a, 7b and/or the nm-noble metals of Group 8; M represents at least one metal from Group 6b, 7b and/or 8; X represents an (iso)cyano-, and/or (iso)cyanato- and/or (iso)thiocyano-moiety; L represents a nitroso-, an amino- and/or a halide-moiety, a, b, c, d and e (when OH is present) provide the electroneutrality; and c and e may equal O. Compounds such as magnesium hexacyano cobaltate and zinc hydroxy hexacyano cobaltate can be used advantageously in the purification of methane by selectively adsorbing carbon dioxide present therein.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1985

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Patent GB2152528 1985-08-07 ; GB8400796D 1984-02-15


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