From synthesis to properties in 10mg

S. Petisco Ferrero

Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster


Finding applications for newly synthesised polymers is the next unavoidable step for the endurance of the invention. Since applications are ultimately defined by the mechanical performance, determination of the intrinsic behaviour of the polymer is needed. Further, in order to be shaped into the desired form according to the application, the polymer needs to be processible by means of the current technologies. Fused deposition modelling (FDM) stands as a powerful manufacturing tool since it allows for the rapid manufacturing of concept models or functional prototypes [1]. The combination of stresses and temperature profiles experienced by the polymer melt during the processing step induces microscopic changes in the polymer, which manifest themselves during homogeneous deformation, i.e. intrinsic behaviour [2].
The intrinsic properties, in turn, affect the macroscopic mechanical performance that determines the applications of the polymer.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2017
EventMaterial Technology (Mate) group TUE - Eindhoven, Netherlands
Duration: 14 Dec 201714 Dec 2017


SeminarMaterial Technology (Mate) group TUE


  • miniaturized testing
  • Polymers


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