Finding pairwise intersections inside a query range

M.T. Berg, de, J. Gudmundsson, A.D. Mehrabi

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We study the following problem: preprocess a set O of objects into a data structure that allows us to efficiently report all pairs of objects from O that intersect inside an axis-aligned query range Q. We present data structures of size $O(n({\rm polylog} n))$ and with query time $O((k+1)({\rm polylog} n))$ time, where k is the number of reported pairs, for two classes of objects in the plane: axis-aligned rectangles and objects with small union complexity. For the 3-dimensional case where the objects and the query range are axis-aligned boxes in R^3, we present a data structures of size $O(n\sqrt{n}({\rm polylog} n))$ and query time $O((\sqrt{n}+k)({\rm polylog} n))$. When the objects and query are fat, we obtain $O((k+1)({\rm polylog} n))$ query time using $O(n({\rm polylog} n))$ storage.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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Volume1502.06079 [cs.DS]


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