Fast prototyping of antenna and FSS structures

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ABSTRACT A method for the fast creation of antenna and Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) prototypes is discussed. The method is suited for printed structures on planar and singly curved surfaces and avoids the use of photo-etching techniques. Furthermore, it allows for creating printed metallic structures on non-microwave-specific substrates. The method uses adhesive copper tape, common adhesive tape, a paper stencil, a ruler and a knife. The construction technique is first applied for creating a test structure, to be used with Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) measurements to determine the substrate's relative permittivity and loss tangent. The substrate characterization technique is discussed in detail and an example of the use is demonstrated. The prototyping technique is discussed in detail and practical hints are provided. Finally the construction of a micro strip array antenna and a RF energy harvesting FSS are discussed.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDOI: 10.1109/LAPC.2013.6711971 In proceeding of: Antennas and Propagation Conference (LAPC), 2013 Loughborough
Place of PublicationLoughborough
Publication statusPublished - 2013


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