Factors affecting parental safety perception, satisfaction with school travel and mood in primary school children in the Netherlands

Pauline E.W. van den Berg (Corresponding author), E.O.D. Waygood, I. van de Craats, Astrid D.A.M. Kemperman

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An increasing number of studies in transportation research have recently focused on well-being and travel satisfaction. These studies argue that satisfaction with travel is an indicator of the trip's contribution to subjective wellbeing of the traveler. Although the attention on satisfaction with travel is increasing, relatively few studies have considered satisfaction with travel of children. As children's travel is strongly linked to distance and the built environment, they would be important additional considerations to such research. Therefore, this study looks into the household, built environment and trip characteristics influencing satisfaction with travel and mood among Dutch children attending primary school. Additionally, the study considers the mediating effect of parental safety perception on satisfaction with travel and the relationship between satisfaction with travel and mood.

In order to study these relationships, survey data were collected in the Netherlands from 660 children (7–12 years) and their parents. The data were analyzed using a path analysis.

Findings show that parental safety perceptions are related to the age of the child, income, perceptions of neighborhood infrastructure and social cohesion. Satisfaction with school travel is higher when parental safety perception is higher, when it is sunny, when traveling with a friend and when traveling by bike when this is the favorite transport mode. Satisfaction with travel is related to children reporting a better mood.

These insights can be used by policy makers to create safe school environments stimulating active travel, which in turn will improve satisfaction with travel, well-being and health among primary school-going children.
Original languageEnglish
Article number100837
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of Transport & Health
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2020


  • Children, Satisfaction with travel, Subjective wellbeing, Parental safety perception, School travel, Path analysis
  • Path analysis
  • School travel
  • Subjective wellbeing
  • Children
  • Satisfaction with travel
  • Parental safety perception


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