Experimental observation of m/n = 1/1 mode behaviour during sawtooth activity and its manifestations in tokamak plasmas

V.S. Udintsev, M. Ottaviani, P. Maget, G. Giruzzi, J.-L. Ségui, T. Aniel, J.F. Artaud, F. Clairet, M. Goniche, G.T. Hoang, G.T.A. Huysmans, F. Imbeaux, E. Joffrin, D. Mazon, A.L. Pecquet, R. Sabot, A. Sirinelli, L. Vermare, [Unknown] Tore Supra Team, A. Krämer-FleckenH.R. Koslowski, TEXTOR Team, A.J.H. Donné, F.C. Schüller, C.W. Domier, N.C. Luhmann Jr., S.V. Mirnov

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To shed some light on the development of the fast m/n = 1/1 precursor to the sawtooth crash and its influence on plasma transport properties in the vicinity of the q = 1 surface, series of dedicated experiments have been conducted on the Tore Supra and TEXTOR tokamaks. It has been concluded that, before a crash, the hot core gets displaced with respect to the magnetic axis, drifts outwards by as much as 8-10 cm and may change its shape. Observation of the magnetic reconnection process has been made by means of electron cyclotron emission diagnostics. The heat pulse is seen far outside the inversion radius. The colder plasma develops a magnetic island on the former magnetic axis, after the hot core expulsion. Different kinds of behaviour of the m = 1 precursor before the crash, with respect to the displacement of the hot core and the duration of the oscillating phase, have been observed. An ideal kink model alone cannot be used for explanation; therefore, resistive effects play an important role in the mode development. Possible mechanisms that lead an m = 1 mode to such behaviour, and their links to the change in the central q-profile, are discussed. Results have been discussed in the light of various theoretical models of the sawtooth. This is an extended version of the paper presented at the 31st EPS Conf. on Plasma Physics (London, 28 June-2 July 2004).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1111-1136
JournalPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2005
Externally publishedYes


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