Essential oils of Curcuma longa L. from Bhutan

R.K. Sharma, B.P. Misra, T.C. Sarma, A.K. Bordoloi, M.G. Pathak, P.A. Leclercq

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The essential oils of Curcuma tonga L. (Zingiberaceae) were isolated from its rhizomes and leaves by hydrodistillation. The oils were analyzed by high resolution GC and GC/MS. The rhizome oils contained more than 40 constituents, of which the major ones were ot-turmerone (30-32%), ar-turmerone (17-26%) and beta-turmerone (15-18%). The leaf oil contained about 60 compounds and the main constituents were alpha-phellandrene (18.2%), 1,8-cineole 04.6%) and p-cymene (13.3%).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)589-592
JournalJournal of Essential Oil Research
Publication statusPublished - 1997


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