Elektrischer Leistungswandler zur DC/DC-Wandlung mit dualen aktiven Brücken

J. Everts (Inventor), J.W. Kolar (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication

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#CMT# #/CMT# A first bridge circuit converts a first direct voltage into a first alternating voltage, and a second bridge circuit converts a second direct voltage into a second alternating voltage. The first and second alternating voltages are applied to first terminals (A, B) and second terminals (P,Q) of alternating-voltage intermediate circuit. The bridge circuits include controlled switching elements to generate constant alternating voltage successively so that the direct voltages of five different levels are applied to corresponding sides of alternating voltage intermediate circuit. #CMT# : #/CMT# An independent claim is included for a method for operating electronic data processing device for determination of control method of bridge converter. #CMT#USE : #/CMT# Dual active bridge converter for central or high voltage application. #CMT#ADVANTAGE : #/CMT# The efficient operation, high flexibility, high degree of freedom, high power density and low switching loss of dual active bridge converter are ensured. #CMT#DESCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS : #/CMT# The drawing shows the circuit diagrams of the HDAB converter. A,B : First terminals P,Q : Second terminals.
Original languageGerman
Patent numberCH707553
Priority date4/02/13
Publication statusPublished - 15 Aug 2014

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