Electrification of chemistry

V. Hessel

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The implementation of new smart electromagnetic activation modes (photo, ultrasound, plasma, microwave, etc. with their discrete rotational, vibrational, electron levels) provides a powerful alternative to temperature activation (Maxwell-Boltzmann theory: collision, momentum, probability). Chemergy stands as motto for the unanimously forecasted electrification of the chemical industry through sustainable energy sources, as documented in several European roadmaps (e.g. by Dechema).Following the NL-national “Energie Akkoord”, Topsector Energie (TSE) activities of RVO and ISPT have linked energy to chemical process technology (‘Power2Products’) and presented 5 business cases (DOW, Avebe, SmurfitKappa, Akzo Nobel, Friesland Campina). The German Enquete Commission “Future of the Chemical Industry in NRW” has put this idea on top in their action catalogue. The 2015 Technology Roadmap “Making Sustainable Chemical Products” of TKI-chemistry asks for the “Circular economy: electrons in the chemical industry/electrification”. The conclusions of white papers given by the above (and similar) platforms will be summarized. Relevant recent innovations and production approaches in the fields of electrochemistry, plasma chemistry, microwave chemistry, or using other means of electromagnetic excitation will be given. The interplay of interdisciplinary innovation exploration and creation of suited business cases (windows of opportunity) will be deepened at the example of plasma-based N-fixation from air using green energy and containerized mobile production platforms. The ‘Plasma Agriculture’ opens the door to ‘Fertilizing with the Wind’ in ‘Plants on Wheels’.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2017
Event2017 Flow Chemistry Europe Conference (FCS 2017), February 7-8, 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom - Cripps Court, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Duration: 7 Feb 20178 Feb 2017


Conference2017 Flow Chemistry Europe Conference (FCS 2017), February 7-8, 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Abbreviated titleFCS 2017
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom


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