Dynamic analysis of climatic conditions for deriving suitable adaptive façade responses

M Juaristi, R.C.G.M. Loonen, A. Monge-Barrio, T. Gómez-Acebo

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Highly insulated buildings, combined with efficient HVAC systems, represent the mainstream approach to achieve low-energy buildings. However, if façades block energy exchange, the climatic resources surrounding the built environment remain untapped. Adaptive opaque façades seem promising to enhance whole building performance while reducing energy demand by their dynamic behaviour. The usual approach when defining their desired adaptive response is to test independent technologies by energy simulations, to calibrate their best adaptation range for a specific climate. Such technology-oriented approaches do rarely make a conscious analysis of the potential of local natural resources, which could lead to a weak adaptation strategy. Besides, the enhancement of combining responsive elements is usually omitted. This paper proposes a new approach for systematic analysis of dynamic climatic conditions, aiming to enable better decision-making at early design stages to ensure the proposed façade solution will have the maximum positive impact. To do so, we analysed the impact of combinations of climatic agents on the hygrothermal performance and we clustered them into Climatic Scenarios. Moreover, we examined the influence of studying not only these scenarios but also their transience. We carried out this systematic analysis for a specific temperate climate and we studied the sequences of three summer days using a screen tool that links the climate data with promising Adaptive Façade Responses. We observed how the meaningful candidate multi-responses changed in the sequence examination due to different past and future scenarios, which strengthen the need of a Dynamic Climate Analysis to properly define new adaptive façades.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the COST Action TU1403 – Adaptive Facades Network Final Conference: Facade 2018 - Adaptive!
EditorsA. Luible, S. Gosztonyi
Place of PublicationDelft
PublisherTU Delft Open
Number of pages6
ISBN (Print)9789463661027
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2018
EventFacade 2018 - Adaptive! - Lucerne, Switzerland
Duration: 26 Nov 201827 Nov 2018


ConferenceFacade 2018 - Adaptive!


  • Climate response
  • environmental resources
  • hygrothermal performance
  • dynamic façades
  • temperate climate

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