DirectView: management support system for the Strijp-S planning

H.P.T. Arts, J.K.H. Groot, S. Haeff, van, M.M.A.J. Luttikhuis, E.H.B.J.M. Wit, de

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Planning a redevelopment project of a 27 hectare industrial area into a high-quality urban living environment means that sufficient information has to be available of consequences of process changes. The management of Park Strijp CV is confronted with this situation. Park Strijp CV is a joint venture between the municipality of Eindhoven and project developer "VolkerWessels". Its aim is to make the land of the Philips industrial area "Strijp-S" ready for building and to organise the area's redevelopment. The management of Park Strijp CV has assigned ADMS to look at her planning and to come up with a tool that supports decision-making on planning topics. The assignment has been picked up by five ADMS trainees, all with an urban or landscape planning background. The design process passed through four phases; (1) information gathering and scope definition, (2) a literature study and process analysis resulting in a theoretical tool, (3) the translation of the tool into a practical application, and (4) the final complete tool with an explanatory scenario and a users' and administrators manual. The final answer on the assignment was a Management Support System, named DirectView. DirectView is a Microsoft Excel file, which consists of different databases containing time, budget and quality information regarding all the project activities. The list of project activities is the base of the tool, to which the time, budget and quality databases are related. Information overviews can be generated from the DirectView databases by using specific information filters. In these overviews, activities and their related time, budget and quality parameters are listed, that are related to the allocated change. As a result DirectView is able to show consequences, when an activity delays, a budget exceeds or quality goals change. The information input for DirectView is transferred from three plans: a time planning, a budget table and a quality tree. In the quality tree, the main quality goal of the project is divided into sub goals. Finally sub qualities are translated into quantitative goals, which can be subscribed to different activities. The main goal for the Strijp-S project is; creating a high-quality urban living environment.
Original languageDutch
Place of PublicationEindhoven
PublisherTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven. Stan Ackermans Instituut
Number of pages60
ISBN (Print)90-444-0560-8
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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Arts, H. P. T., Groot, J. K. H., Haeff, van, S., Luttikhuis, M. M. A. J., & Wit, de, E. H. B. J. M. (2005). DirectView: management support system for the Strijp-S planning. (ADMS-reeks; Vol. 28). Technische Universiteit Eindhoven. Stan Ackermans Instituut.