Device for producing and enclosing a hot plasma

E. Minardi (Inventor), L.Th.M. Ornstein (Inventor), J. Rem (Inventor), D.C. Schram (Inventor), EURATOM (Inventor)

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1391103 High-frequency discharge tubes EUROPEAN ATOMIC ENERGY COM- MUNITY 24 July 1972 [23 July 1971] 34566/72 Heading H1D A device for producing and enclosing a hot plasma comprises a toroidal vessel 1 having means 2 for generating a magnetic field along the azimuthal axis 3 of the torus to induce annular electric currents along said axis, and means 6, 7 for generating an oscillating electric field in the vessel having a component parallel to the magnetic field and a frequency at or near the "bounce" frequency (i.e. about ten times the collison frequency of ions.) A second toroidal vessel or liner 4 is disposed in the first vessel 1, and the diameter of the plasma is limited by annular discs 5. The electric field is generated by annular electrodes 6 and 7 disposed above and below the axis 3 and connected through insulated ducts 8 to a generator producing oscillations having a fre- quency between 10 and 100 KHz. The electric field may alternatively be produced by an aerial disposed in an aperture in the vessel wall and fed with a signal having a fundamental frequency corresponding to the plasma frequency which is amplitude modulated at the "bounce" frequency.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1973

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