Dendrimers and supramolecular chemistry

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Recent progress in synthetic methodologies of macromols. makes it possible to have complete control over most of the important mol. characteristics of polymers. As a result, studying well-defined three-dimensional architectures has become a central theme in our research to dendrimers and supramol. polymer chem. A series of new polymers are designed and synthesized aiming at assemblies of (macro)mols. making use of specific cooperative secondary interactions. The synthesis and properties of segmented macromol. amphiphiles using poly(propylene imine) dendrimers to bridge the gap between traditional surfactants and block copolymers as well as derivs. of polyethylene glycol to mimic the coiled coils of myosin will be presented. Furthermore, recent progress on using multiple hydrogen bonding in dendrimers and polymers will be discussed. [on SciFinder (R)]
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationBook of Abstracts, 212th ACS National Meeting, Orlando, FL, August 25-29
Place of PublicationOrlando, FL
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
Publication statusPublished - 1996
Event212th ACS National Meeting - Orlando, United States
Duration: 25 Aug 199629 Aug 1996


Conference212th ACS National Meeting
CountryUnited States


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