Cuvette and method for authenticating a cuvette

M. Laubscher (Inventor), P.T. Tuyls (Inventor), M. Petkovic (Inventor), B. Skoric (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication

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A cuvette (10) for storing a biological sample to be analyzed by means of a predefined detection technique is disclosed. The cuvette (10) is formed from a moldable material that contains particles (15a, 15b) at a concentration within a predefined range. The particles (15a, 15b) are randomly distributed, in order to form a unique pattern. Moreover, the particles (15a, 15b) have measurable physical properties, so that the unique pattern is detectable using the detection technique that is used to analyze the biological sample. The unique properties obtained by the randomly distributed particles (15a, 15b) render copying nearly impossible, since it is more complicated to distribute the particles in a predetermined pattern than to let them distribute randomly.
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberUS8665431
Priority date6/11/08
Publication statusPublished - 4 Mar 2014

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Other priority number(s):
WO2009IB54859 20091102 Date: 02-11-2009


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