Concepts for the design of circuits for changing cyclic loads

W.J.A.E.M. Post

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Circuits for cyclic load-sequences can be designed on the basis of different concepts. In general the type or class of cyclic loads will play an important role in the design of such circuits. The design is usually not only based on a number of trivial demands on flow- and pressure-sequences, but also based on demands on efficiency of the system. Optimal circuits can be designed for a certain loadsequence if this load-sequence is known or can be measured. In a number of cases it is desired that the hydraulic circuit can adapt to different cyclic loads without deterioration of efficiency. In this paper the design of two different concepts for cyclic load-sequences is investigated. One of the concepts is based on a variable displacement pump system. The second concept is based on an adaptable fixed displacement pump-accumulator system (Learning Hydraulic System or LHS for short). For such systems the type or class of load-sequences has to be characterised or specified. As was shown in the research for the LHS the characterization of the cyclic load-sequence can be quantified by the mean power in combination with the standard deviation of the power. In this research attention is paid to the determination of the useful boundaries of the adaptable performance of the two concepts of the designs with respect to the class of load-sequences. Some interesting conclusions in respect of the mean efficiency and adaptable performance can be drawn from the comparison of the two different concepts. This study is based on theoretical research and partly on experimental research.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDesign and performance : 8th Bath international fluid power workshop, held at the University of Bath, England, 20-22 September 1995
EditorsC.R. Burrows, K.A. Edge
Place of PublicationTaunton
PublisherResearch Studies Press
Number of pages382
ISBN (Print)0-86380-187-0
Publication statusPublished - 1996

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NameFluid power series
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