Co-creating a mobility app with and for older adults to go out

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Purpose Within the senior population, mobility is a crucial element to improve life satisfaction and could be a pre-condition for active healthy aging (Newbold et al., 2005). Outdoor mobility including physical ability to move and any means of transportation have become significant in maintaining independent life and life quality (Mollenkopf et al., 2004). Nowadays, it has an increasing capability for older adults to adopt information and communication technologies (ICTs) (Vaportzis, Giatsi Clausen & Gow, 2017). However, technology adoption by older adults is still limited, yet they are eager to learn how to use these ICTs related products and services. Designing for technology adoption by older adults is still a challenge (Heart & Kalderon, 2010). This paper investigates how older adults can be engaged in the design process of a digital application which improves their daily mobility. The Dutch mobility service called 'stUmobiel' was taken as a design case study. The research goal is the design of an application in collaboration with stUmobiel senior users which promotes the adoption of digital services used to access mobility activities. Method Two design iterations were conducted, involving four stUmobiel senior users. Co-creation was used as the design methodology. In the first design session, four older adults participated and shared their needs. They collaborated with the designer to create the initial concept. In the second design iteration, the digital application was animated on the screen to mimic its functionality and usage Results &Discussion From the design process, we found that personalizing the functionalities encouraged the older adults to use the application. Artificial intelligence techniques can be used to predict the service needs of the seniors based on their historical mobility data. By adopting the co-creation process, the users' knowledge, needs and expectations will be elicited, forming the optimal way to meet user demands.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationISG’s 12th World Conference of Gerontechnology, Trondheim, Norway
Subtitle of host publicationPersonal Mobility
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 6 Oct 2020


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