Business model innovation for value and technology based preventive health care

T. Linner, G. Solcanu, Camilla van den Boom, H. Lingegard, T. Istamto, G.M. Proctor, Y. Lu, J.J.H. Steenbakkers

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    In this paper, a structured approach for the development of an initial business strategy blueprint for a complicated, multi-partner, multidisciplinary, early-stage research project focusing on valuebased and preventive health care technology, is presented. Based on an in-depth analysis of the changes, trends, and innovation mechanisms in the health care industry and of the health care markets and reimbursement systems in the four use case countries, an initial context-specific and country adaptable business strategy was developed. In that context, a variety of tools (business model canvas, business model templates, platform thinking, etc.) were used to create a modular and adaptable business strategy that could be costefficient. Finally, it was analyzed to what extent a transformation of the project’s partner current business models and roles, would be required. One of the biggest challenges in that context is to bridge the gap between the current business models of the individual partners and the novel strategies required to make REACH and its touchpoints (=smart products and services acting as data gathering devices) a real innovation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)200-206
    Number of pages7
    Issue number3
    Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2017


    • Business model
    • Innovation
    • Preventive health care technology
    • Value-based health care


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    • REACH

      Bekker, M. M. (Project member), Lu, Y. (Project Manager), Valk, C. (Project member), Chuang, Y. (Project member), Schoumacher, J. (Project communication officer (old)), Damen, A. A. J. M. (Project member) & Wintermans, M. C. (Project member)


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