Biocatalytic synthesis of the Green Note trans-2-hexenal in a continuous-flow microreactor

Morten M.C.H. van Schie, Tiago Pedroso de Almeida, Gabriele Laudadio, Florian Tieves, Elena Fernández-Fueyo, Timothy Noël, Isabel W.C.E. Arends, Frank Hollmann

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The biocatalytic preparation of trans-hex-2-enal from trans-hex-2-enol using a novel aryl alcohol oxidase from Pleurotus eryngii (PeAAOx) is reported. As O 2-dependent enzyme PeAAOx-dependent reactions are generally plagued by the poor solubility of O 2 in aqueous media and mass transfer limitations resulting in poor reaction rates. These limitations were efficiently overcome by conducting the reaction in a flow-reactor setup reaching unpreceded catalytic activities for the enzyme in terms of turnover frequency (up to 38 s -1) and turnover numbers (more than 300000) pointing towards preparative usefulness of the proposed reaction scheme.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)697-703
Number of pages7
JournalBeilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry
Publication statusPublished - 26 Mar 2018

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This article is part of the Thematic Series "Integrated multistep flow synthesis". Guest Editor: V. Hessel


  • alcohol oxidase
  • alcohol oxidation
  • aldehyde
  • flow chemistry
  • Alcohol oxidase
  • Flow chemistry
  • Alcohol oxidation
  • Aldehyde


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