Behavioural patterns and user profiles related to energy consumption for heating

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The difference between the actual and predicted energy consumption for heating in housing is thought to be partly attributable to the use of HVAC systems. More reliable data on energy consumption could help in determining the actual energy performance of dwellings and in the search for the most adequate design for housing and home amenities. Further reductions on energy consumption might also be achieved if energy-saving policy programmes were geared to different household groups. The aim of this paper is to statistically determine Behavioural Patterns associated with the energy spent on heating and to identify household and building characteristics that could contribute to the development of energy-User Profiles. This study had two outcomes: it identified Behavioural Patterns to be used in energy calculations and it discerned User Profiles with different behaviours. Five underlying groups of behavioural variables were found, which were used to define the Behavioural Patterns and User Profiles. The groups showed statistically significant differences in the scores for most of the behavioural factors. This study established clear relationships between occupant behaviour and household characteristics. However, it seems difficult to establish relationships between energy consumption and Behavioural Patterns and household groups.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2662-2672
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JournalEnergy and Buildings
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2011
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