Automatic Tuning for Swing-Free Control of Suctioned Products in Robotic Pick-and-Place Operations

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This paper introduces an innovative control method tailored for suctioned products in robotic pick-and-place applications, aiming
to significantly reduce peel-off force and overshooting. A design procedure is outlined based on the relationship between relative
overshoot and the ratio of vibration time to acceleration time. This procedure enables the determination of the highest acceleration
value that maintains accuracy within the desired range. Additionally, a rotational degree of freedom is integrated into a conventional
bellow vacuum gripper, enhancing system robustness against peel-off at higher accelerations while leveraging the advantages of
swing-free controls. Automatic tuning of the control parameters is achieved through a background subtraction measuring method
of the tracking errors in the joint motion controllers. The effectiveness of the proposed method is validated through a practical use
case involving chicken fillet packaging with a fast industrial delta robot. All fillets can be consistently picked and packed using
the same constant parameters without experiencing peel-off. The ZV input shaper demonstrates the best overall performance for
practical variations (such as weight and pick-up pose), well within 15% of the variations of the natural frequency.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberMECH-D-24-00070
Issue numberN/A
Publication statusSubmitted - 15 Feb 2024


  • minimum time control, vibration reduction, swing-free, robotic pick and place, input shaping, vacuum gripper


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