Anomalous Strong Interaction in pionic Mg

A. Taal, J.F.M. Achard van Enschut, d', J.B.R. Berkhout, W. Duinker, C.W.E. Eijk, van, W.H.A. Hesselink, P.J. Hoek, van den, T.J. Ketel, J.H. Koch, J. Konijn, C.T.A.M. Laat, de, W. Lourens, G. Middelkoop, van, W. Poeser, T. Prins, A.H. Wapstra

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    The pionic 2p¿1s transition has been observed in Mg. For the strong interaction monopole shift a value has been measured of e0(1s)=-81.6±0.6 keV with respect to the point Coulomb energy, in agreement with standard optical potential predictions. The observed strong interaction absorption width is G0(1s)=17.2±1.6 keV, which is about a factor of 1.5 smaller than expected from presently available models. This measurement confirms the trend of "anomalously" small strong interaction widths for deeply bound pionic states already observed in heavier elements.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)296-300
    JournalPhysics Letters B
    Issue number5-6
    Publication statusPublished - 1985


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