An examination of factors that hinder and programs that stimulate Papuan entrepreneurs

J.C. Burg, van

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This report describes the results of a study on entrepreneurship in the Indonesian province Papua. The study was performed for Oikonomos Foundation to help evaluating the current entrepreneurship support programs and to identify future challenges. Seven important difficulties for Papuan entrepreneurs are identified (in order of relevance): - Social structures: Entrepreneurs give away goods or cash to family relatives, with the result that no reinvestments can be made. - Capital, bookkeeping and savings: Lack of good bookkeeping causes irresponsible expenses. - Motivation, discipline and focus: Lack of discipline and the right motive to work hard for the business. - Transport: Lack of transport infrastructure in Papua. - Mindset: Not used to the investment-revenues-reinvestment principle. - Exclusion and corruption: Papuans often pay higher prices than non-Papuans, and corruption causes that Papuans cannot ‘get things done’. - High prices: Raising prices of supplies causes difficulties with appropriate margins. In order to improve entrepreneurship support, we recommend the following: - Create and cultivate role models. (agents of change) - Screen entrepreneurs on their potential - More attention to private book keeping and savings - Follow-up for trainings - Include more attention to social and cultural aspects in the trainings
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationPutten
PublisherOikonomos Foundation
Number of pages19
Publication statusPublished - 2007


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