An ecologically based housing design for Ecolonia

F.E. Bakker, H.J. Martin, A.P. Thijssen

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ABSTRACT: Ecolonia is the name of a bousing project of 101 single-family dwellings. The urban layout is designed by the Belgian arcbitect-urban planner Lucien Kroll. The dwellings are designed by ten Dutcb arcbitects. Both the urban plan and the dwellings are meant to be a demonstration of bow to build environmentally conscious. This means, according to the National Environmental Policy Plan, energy conservation, integrated cbain management and quality impravement The 10 dwellings discussed in this paper, are designed by staff-members of the department of Pbysical Aspects of the Built Environment (FAGO), Faculty of Building and Arcbitecture, University of Tecb.nology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands. In addition to the tbree general goals mentioned above, the F AGO design payed extra attention to sound insulation, especially between rooms within the dwellings and between adjacent dwellings. A 'sound core' is incorporated and contains sound producing provisions like beatingjventilation equipment, toilet, bathroom, washing machine. staircase, etc. Themainbedroom is designed as a 'quiet room'. Construction of the dwellings was completed in september last year. Monitoring sbowed very good results, both on airbome sound insulation and on impact sound insulation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the 3rd European Conference on Architecture on Solar Energy in Architecture and Urban Planning, 17-21 May 1993, Florence, Italy
Publication statusPublished - 1993


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