An analoque nonlinear dynamic filter

M.F. Heertjes (Inventor)

Research output: PatentPatent publication

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An analogue non-linear dynamic filter having a substantially semisoidal input-output transfer characteristic with a trough at a first constant level and a peak at a second constant level, and a continuously variable transfer function between the first and second levels. The first level, which is substantially zero, is defined by a small area of the input signal in the vicinity of the zero crossings thereof, and is obtained by subtracting the output of a first clipper circuit (12) from the input signal. The second constant level is obtained by applying the signal to a second clipper circuit (14) and the signal is then applied to a rectifier (16) before being multiplied by the input signal to attain a variable gain function
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO/2005/101658
Publication statusPublished - 27 Oct 2005


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