Acoustic energy transfer : a review

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There are a number of established technologies for the contactless transmission of energy. Inductive coupling, by far the most popular method, has witnessed an enormous growth of both application and fundamental research. However, there are various other forms of contactless energy transfer (CET) in use;capacitive coupling, far-field electromagnetic coupling, and optical coupling. A relatively new method is acoustic energy transfer (AET), which uses sound waves to convey energy without relying on electrical contact. It is a method with its own merits, although it is, for the moment, still quite obscure.
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Publication statusPublished - 2013
Eventconference; IE Tech News; 2013-10-10; 2013-10-10 -
Duration: 10 Oct 201310 Oct 2013


Conferenceconference; IE Tech News; 2013-10-10; 2013-10-10
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