A semantic-preserving transformation from the compositional interchange format to UPPAAL

D.E. Nadales Agut, M.A. Reniers, R.R.H. Schiffelers, K.E. Jorgensen, D.A. Beek, van

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    The Compositional Interchange Format (CIF), is a modeling formalism for hybrid systems, that aims to establishing interoperability of a wide range of tools by means of model transformations to and from CIF. UPPAAL is currently a very successful tool for the specification and analysis of timed systems. It is interesting, both from a theoretical and a practical perspective, to be able to translate CIF models to networks of UPPAAL automata, since this makes it possible to perform model checking of timed CIF models. In addition, by providing such a translation we are, at the same time, providing translations for a wider set of languages that can be transformed to CIF. This paper presents a semantic-preserving transformation from a subset of CIF models to UPPAAL. The transformation described in this work constitutes the cornerstone for transformations of a broader subset of CIF, that can be obtained via process algebraic linearization to a translatable form.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of the 18th IFAC World Congress, 28 August - 2 September 2011, Milano, Italy
    EditorsS. Bittanti, A. Cenedese, S. Zampieri
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    Eventconference; IFAC 2011; 2011-08-28; 2011-09-02 -
    Duration: 28 Aug 20112 Sept 2011


    Conferenceconference; IFAC 2011; 2011-08-28; 2011-09-02
    OtherIFAC 2011


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