A model to predict strength properties of bamboo

J.J.A. Janssen

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Hundreds of thousands of people live in the rural areas of bamboo-growing countries. It is these people who predominantly use bamboo for construction. Yet, they are far away from the assistance of a laboratory to determine the strength properties of the bamboo being used for building their homes. In finding a remedy to this situation, two issues have to be borne in mind: (1) the current scientific knowledge on the subject has to be applied to find a method that does not require the technical tools used in laboratories; (2) the method has to be translated to a level at which it would be clearly understood by the rural people. Solving these two issues is not an easy proposition; this paper is an attempt to solve the two issues. Very simple tests are proposed to determine some properties, like the E-modulus, followed by some rules that would help deduce other mechanical properties.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of the Vth international bamboo congress and the VIth international bamboo workshop
EditorsArun Kumar, I.V. Ramanuja Rao, Cherla Sastry
Place of PublicationUtrecht
ISBN (Print)90-6764-357-2
Publication statusPublished - 2002
Eventconference; Bamboo for sustainable develoment; 1998-11-02; 1998-11-06 -
Duration: 2 Nov 19986 Nov 1998


Conferenceconference; Bamboo for sustainable develoment; 1998-11-02; 1998-11-06
OtherBamboo for sustainable develoment


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