A 0.6V 54DB SNR Analog Frontend with 0.18% THD for Low Power Sensory Applications in 65NM CMOS

Komail Badami, Kushal Dakshina Murthy, Pieter Harpe, Marian Verhelst

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This paper reports a complete sensor-to-digital analog frontend based on a highly linear amplifier that uses a dynamic-comparator to translate voltage variations of a sensory signal to the time-domain using pulse-density-modulation, followed by a charge-pump to integrate these time-domain variations back to the voltage-domain. This, highly digital building blocks based voltage-to-time-to-voltage translation, enables a large open-loop gain proportional to the switching - frequency of the dynamic-comparator thus, enabling potential performance improvements with technology-scaling. The output of the closed-loop amplifier (50x voltage-gain) is digitized with an oversampling SAR ADC, thus allowing the complete 0.6V AFE to record a 54dB SNR along with a 0.18% THD at 75% full-scale while consuming only 1.8μW power consumption.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication2018 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, VLSI Circuits 2018
PublisherInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Number of pages2
ISBN (Electronic)9781538667002
Publication statusPublished - 22 Oct 2018
Event32nd IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, VLSI Circuits 2018 - Honolulu, United States
Duration: 18 Jun 201822 Jun 2018

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NameIEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, Digest of Technical Papers


Conference32nd IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, VLSI Circuits 2018
CountryUnited States

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