Toolbox of architectural design principles for healing environments according to the Planetree model

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In 2014, GGzE de Grote Beek became the first facility in the Netherlands to be awarded with the Planetree certificate for patient-centred hospitals. Planetree is an international foundation, which prescribes that healthcare organisations should work in a patient-centred way, should sustain healthy management and operative policies, and should be situated in a campus that performs as a healing environment. In the evaluation criteria of the Planetree certification, there is a series of conditions and requirements that define the concept of healing environment.

Involved persons:
TU/E - Architectural Design and Engineering:
Juliette Bekkering
Sjef van Hoof
PDEng position (TBD)

Joep Verbugt
Kees Spitters
Inge Bongers

Layman's description

The ambition of this research project is to elaborate a set of specific architectural instruments, which can be implemented in designing a patient-centred, healing built environment. This process will be based on the investigation and mapping of the effects of the built environment on the wellbeing of patients. This will result in design principles that can be used in designing, renovating and transforming buildings of this type. The themes to be inquired are, among others: programming, light, nature, sound, colour, routing and materiality. The research by design will be done with GGzE and proposals will be elaborated in the context of Estate De Grote Beek.
Short titleGGZe De Grote Beek
Effective start/end date1/03/1930/04/22


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