System based Thermo-Acoustic design of central heating Equipment

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The project addresses the problem of acoustic instability of combustion in heating appliances which use gaseous fuel in premixed mode of combustion. The ultimate idea of the project is to introduce and develop a system level approach to handle the challenge of thermo-acoustic design and control of acoustic instability in combustion appliances. This system level approach enables unique new modeling and experimental identification strategies to describe the thermo-acoustic response of flames/burners. The expected original contributions of the project are: A complete thermo-acoustic network theory with all its mathematical features; Novel experimental characterization method of the burner as acoustic element; Ranking of burners in terms of acoustic quality.The target users of the project are the range of producers of domestic boilers, burners and sub-components producers for the boilers and wide range of combustion equipment.The companies involved in the project are: Bekaert , Remeha , Honeywell, Atag 
People involved in this project: Philip de Goey, Viktor Kornilov, Hans van Griensven, Theo de Groot, Mohammad Kojourimanesh & Lyon Hegh
Short titleTTW 16315 STAbLE
Effective start/end date1/03/181/12/22


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