SPARK Impuls (Science park facilities and the role of ecosystem formation)

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The added value of science park facilities and the role of ecosystem formation

Objective - to identify different science park typologies and to investigate interactions among firms on site, such as networking and knowledge sharing, in order to reveal the added value of science park characteristics and ecosystem formation.
Methodology - Surveys and activity tracking methods are used to collect detailed data about park attributes – benefits associations of firms and individuals’ use of facilities and networking behavior at the parks. Analysis of the data is based on regression and discrete choice modeling techniques.
Relevance - The results of this study contribute to the growing literature of science parks and give practitioners insight in factors that contribute to the added value of science parks.
Partners - Brink group, Ramphastos, Inbo and SADC.

Layman's description

The SPARK impulse project is an example of a project at REMD. It consists of two PhD-projects. Both projects consider emerging new business concepts. Their aim is to generate insights in factors that determine the added value of the new concepts for knowledge sharing behavior and ecosystem formation to better inform real-estate and facility management decisions.
Short titleSPARK B. Ng
Effective start/end date1/07/1631/12/19


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