Smart-One: Optical networks for pervasive communication, i.e. Visible/Infrared Light Communication

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ICT developments are enabling more and more devices to be connected over a wireless network. Remote control of your thermostat or home lighting system using your smartphone has been possible for a few years. In the future, billions of devices are expected to be connected via the Internet - what we refer to as the Internet of Things. As a result, buildings and cities will become ever smarter (smart cities). These developments place vast demands on the network in order to transport the large quantities of data efficiently and reliably. In this project, we aim to contribute to this by researching new telecommunication techniques, methods to analyse large amounts of data, and methods to convert vast amounts of data into usable information. This project is carried out by four PhD students connected to Eindhoven University of Technology, supported by experts from KPN and professors from Eindhoven University of Technology.
Effective start/end date2/01/1731/12/22




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