Smart Cycling Futures

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The Smart Cycling Futures (SCF) program investigates how smart cycling innovations including ICT-enabled cycling innovations, infrastructures, and social innovations like new business models contribute to more resilient and live-able Dutch urban regions.

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Key findings

Cycling innovations benefit urban regions in terms of accessibility, equality, health, live-ability, and decreasing CO2-emissions when socially well embedded. To facilitate a transition to a sustainable future that respond to pressing issues, the SCF research project runs urban living labs in close collaboration with key stakeholders to develop trans-disciplinary insights in the conditions needed for upscaling smart-cycling initiatives. Each living lab involving real-world experiments responds to the urgent challenges that urban regions and their stakeholders face today. SCF is funded by the Dutch organisation for scientific research (NWO).

University Partners:
• Utrecht University,
• University of Amsterdam
• Utrecht University
• Hogeschool Windesheim

Project Partners:
• Municipality of Amsterdam
• Transport Authority of Amsterdam
• Province of Brabant
• Municipality of Eindhoven
• Province of Overijssel
• Municipality of Utrecht
• Province of Utrecht
• Municipality of Zwolle
• HuGoCyling
Short titleInnovations for Cycling
Effective start/end date1/09/1631/08/21